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Pre-paid legal services

Many people will face legal problems during their lifetime. Often, services provided by a lawyer can be pricey, so what are some of the choices today’s consumer have when it comes to legal services?

One of these choices is to get pre-paid legal services.

What are pre-paid legal services?

Pre-paid legal services are legal insurance plans. In exchange for a monthly fee you pay these companies, you will be provided with some legal advice over the phone. Depending on the plan you purchase, you may also get:

  • Reviews of contracts and other documents;
  • Legal consultation and assistance services;
  • Will preparation;
  • Living will;
  • Power of Attorneys;
  • Estate settlement legal advice;
  • Assistance with small claims court;
  • Consumer protection assistance;
  • Other legal work.

Some insurance companies like Primerica offer pre-paid legal services for about $25 per month, though if you want more, services costs may increase.

There is also a company called PPL Legal Shield of Canada that offers such services. Legal Shield is a company under its American counterpart Prepaid Legal Services Inc., which has been in existence for over three decades. This company specializes in providing legal services for families, small businesses and group employee benefits.

Another company that provides such services is Law Protection Inc. who advertises that in addition to the limited legal services you get, they will also refer you to an experienced local lawyer.

Pre-paid legal services are not limited to those companies. If you want to get a pre-paid plan, then you should gather as much information about each individual plan as possible in order to understand what legal services the plans include and exclude.

What do I need to know about pre-paid legal services?

Pre-paid legal services are limited in the legal services that you get. They’re not full service firms. They will give some legal advice (usually over the phone), and some assistance on legal matters but if the matter becomes more complex you will likely be told that you need to hire a lawyer who deals with such complex matters.

The company with whom you have pre-paid legal services could offer you access to more legal services at a discount but the monthly fees usually doesn’t entitle you to get help with complex litigation matters.

What the service provides you with, in exchange for a monthly fee, is usually a free call and preliminary legal guidance on some matters. as well as discounted fixed fees for commonly used legal services. If your legal matter is too complicated or time consuming to qualify for the discounted legal services, the service should notify you of this and let you know you need to hire a lawyer qualified to deal with the matter.

It is important that when you buy such services that you make sure to read through the materials that the service provides you with, to make sure you understand what is and isn’t included.

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